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XDFastComm brings together on one platform various data subscribtions, with investment opportunities through affiliates and direct transactions where you can earn from everyday while people recharge their airtime when you signup with us.

Why use XDFastComm

With XDFastComm, you can make multiply subscriptions all in one platform.

Any purchase you make using XDFastComm earns you a bonus. This means some percentage of any amount you spend using our platform returns to you when you sign-up with us.

We fund your account each time you refer someone and each time someone signs up using your referral ID, you also make commissions form the recharge/subscriptions of the people you referred.

Become Xdfastcomm happy agent, where you offer XdfastComm bill payments, funds transfer, recharge/Subscription and flight booking services in your locality.

Flight Booking

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Invest your Future

It will amaze you to know the number of mobile recharges people make daily.
Imagine making interest from over 1000 customers when they purchase or subscribe from your account in a day!

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* You can earn by referring people.
* You earn as you make recharges from your own account.
* Also when the people you referred recharges. from their account.